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I have a separate blog where I share my enthusiasm for the specific philosophical tradition and ideas of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Plutarch and others at: Socrates 4 Today However, this blog James' Philosophical Agora expresses mostly personal viewpoints and so I prefer to have two separate blogs.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

APOTHEIOSES and starting from the bottom again


Thought I would share this short email I sent to a friend last week with my philosophical friends:

Dear XXX

I am in Delphi for a few days and got into an interesting conversation this morning with a young guy from Delphi. He explained a couple of interesting Greek words to me.

Well you know what HUBRIS is - and how the God wacks people back down into place who show any hubris. (Iporopis in Greek)

So he told me this word OK: APOTHEIOSES - which is the opposite of Hubris and the God wacking a person down - and we've both been wacked down a few times now buddy.....

APOTHEIOSES means to start from the bottom - and work your way up again - but in a better way - including working your way all the way up to the divine....... Nice word eh...... Funny old people these Greeks :)

So APOTHEIOSES my friend.....

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