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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Is An Opportunity

Whether we are spiritual and religious kinds of people or not, I hope that we can agree at least that as far as most people in the developed world are concerned; ‘life is an opportunity’. By this statement I mean that most people have the opportunity to live in various ways according to the choices they make. I limit for the most part this simple phrase to people in the “developed” world since they are for the most part given the opportunity of basic education, basic needs like shelter and food, and the important political and religious freedoms to make the choices they want.

As is only too apparent, basic opportunities like education and religious freedom (including the right not to believe) are still not universal throughout the planet where for many people just finding clean drinking water and enough food to eat still takes up most of each day. I suggest that in these and similar cases life is much less an opportunity and simply a struggle for survival. However, if you are reading this – either at home, in the office, or in the coffee shop – then this basic survival lifestyle does not apply to you, and your life really is an opportunity……

So within the boundaries above that I have put on this phrase: ‘life is an opportunity’ – I would like to explore with those interested what I mean by “opportunity” and I should say at the outset that this means an opportunity to fulfil certain potentials we all have as human beings or not; and that I am also mainly referring to spiritual and intellectual opportunities which we can all benefit from if we only choose to do so.