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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Greek Debts - Think Outside The Bank Box

Cost estimates of the 2012 USA election are 5 or 6 billion dollars - and apparently 2 billion was spent on chocolate for Halloween. The European big wigs don't want the Americans to get involved in the EU debt crisis mainly because they are all making too much money out of the situation or egos bigger than their wallets ....
Surely the win win situation (by vast amounts of money) is for the USA or Chine to step in and pay off the Greeks debts completely and then make some plan with the Greeks to repay what they can over the next 50 years without interest – similar to a post war situation. (Maybe let current banks and other lenders take a 35 % haircut for good measure as well).  This will improve confidence in the markets around the world and allow better growth in all economies. Wall Street alone lost 2 % a few days back (trillions of dollars I suspect) on worries about the Greek economy and debts – just a few tens of billions. Crazy at best – trillions globally being lost week after week for a few Greek billions! 

The problem really is the banks LIKE it when people and governments are in debt... they are making so much money unless they squeeze too hard. So what’s needed is for the USA or Chine to step in and fix the problem – not another round of meetings by the European bureaucrats that allowed this problem to happen in the first place.  For goodness sake step in and fix the problem – and if there is no will to fix the problem - then say so - and have drachmas again.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

APOTHEIOSES and starting from the bottom again


Thought I would share this short email I sent to a friend last week with my philosophical friends:

Dear XXX

I am in Delphi for a few days and got into an interesting conversation this morning with a young guy from Delphi. He explained a couple of interesting Greek words to me.

Well you know what HUBRIS is - and how the God wacks people back down into place who show any hubris. (Iporopis in Greek)

So he told me this word OK: APOTHEIOSES - which is the opposite of Hubris and the God wacking a person down - and we've both been wacked down a few times now buddy.....

APOTHEIOSES means to start from the bottom - and work your way up again - but in a better way - including working your way all the way up to the divine....... Nice word eh...... Funny old people these Greeks :)

So APOTHEIOSES my friend.....