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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Few Light Hearted "Philosophical Tips" for the Week

In various letters and emails to and from friends - the odd nugget of humour with some common sense occasionally comes up within the usual grumbles, moans and nonsense. Some of these I share below:

Sunday 26th August 2012
Re Lists and Not Making so many:

Dear George,

I think I have mentioned that I am trying not to make as many lists from now on. Hence I stood up and signed into FB to write this note rather than put it on my list of things to do tomorrow; e.g. Write to so and so about such and such.....

Anyway..... in UK a few months ago I was getting bogged down by my 'main' list of things to do in the near future.... and was starting to get anxious that the items on the list seemed not to be compatible with each other..... How can you be planning to open a modest school/place/apartment for philosophy in Athens and be in the UK applying for jobs at the same time.  They just do not fit together do they? :)

But then in contemplation in Greece during my recent visit a month or so ago - I realised that it was simple "if" one found the correct "common denominator"....... rather like adding those fractions at school. Without the correct common denominator in life things are complicated and seem impossible. However, find the right common denominator and away you go again........